Quick Fins Recap and Falcons Preview from the Road

Well, family time sorta matters and to be honest with you (which is the only way I know to do this) my emotional state for this team has still not recovered from the lay down in NOLA. So I chose to skip recording this week. I know, it sucks. I used to be dogmatic. I was the first with video after events. The first with recaps. Schedules were gospel. That is how you are supposed to do it.

I am not into it at that level right now. My team doesn’t seem to be and after 12 years of dealing with the shit, it has me down.

That said, I tried out mobile broadcasting via Mixlr with a car full of kids and Christmas music and it was kind of fun. I don’t know that I cover any new ground because I have been on top of this from before it started. That said, I look forward to my team winning me back. I miss being passionate about them.

I am glad I have you guys and our tailgates that never let me know.

NOTE: We will be going back to a live schedule this week. The event will be posted. Thanks for the feedback.