Falcons Pregame Show – LATE NIGHT BLACK FRIDAY!

In an attempt to clutter the airwaves even further, we will be doing a “What the Buc?” show this evening. Not only will we be on the wrong day, but the wrong time too! I am taking my son to see Santa in Orlando and then venting about the state of the union tonight at 10:00 PM! Yea, you read the right! So grab some Egg Nog and join us for a walk through Bucland. Fear not, if I am the only one online, I will still record my ramblings! Topics on tap for tonight’s special “Black Friday” show include:

  1. News from around the league
  2. Injury updates
  3. Deep dive into the Falcons
  4. What can we expect from our Bucs?
  5. Predictive MVPs

Get your predictive MVP’s into our email box at QUESTIONS AT WHATTHEBUC DOT NET early. Given the late start I suspect the conversation will be very entertaining. Come join us!