OK, breaks over. WTB? is back TONIGHT! 7:00 PM with Scott Reynolds (and more?)

PRlogo_biggerWe all needed a break. This season has been a struggle to say the least. From the turbulent beginnings to the shaky draft, we thought we had seen the darkest hours early. Then it happened. The worst possible scenario. the young, idealist head coach hit a losing streak. This would be the test of his resolve. Could he get through the adversity and maintain the faith and support of the team? Would the young squad rally around their leader or turn their backs on him when the chips were down? Well, it looks like Raheem’s support crew is losing a lot of numbers. Tales of squabbling and infighting are running rampant and the play on the field is made uglier by increasingly bad game planning, play calling and a complete lack of game time adjustments. Fortunately, to offset this pile of horseshit, the situation is exacerbated by a revolving door at QB (oh yea, and at K).

Well, tonight we will talk about all of it. Our friend Scott Reynolds from the Pewter Reportwill be joining us for a tick to discuss the team so far and his take on the rumors, stories and speculation that is rampant about the team. We may or may not have a player calling in as every time we announce that we end up being wrong, so we will live dangerously (but his name is a delicious cracker used in S’More creation). Since we have been off, the time limit is off as well. I expect to have the Doc in the house and cover the following:

  1. News from around the league (including UFL Updates)
  2. Reminder about next Thursday’s morning drivetime being hosted by OldSchool on 1010 AM (and http://www.1010sportsonline.com)
  3. Injury Updates (and random roster changes)
  4. Mid year grades (this is where the drinking will probably start/get heavier)
  5. Mid season Skull and Sword
  6. What went wrong (or is going wrong) and how do we fix it
  7. The Throwback Curse (Hey, if Madden can have one, can’t we?)
  8. The Packers (Did you see them play the Minnesota Favre’s?)
  9. Predictive MVP’s
  10. Tailgate Discussion

All we can promise is honest talk about the team we love folks. Right now it sucks. It is easy to be negative and in some cases, there is no choice. We will look to find positives and point them out but right now, we are prepping for next year. Will Freeman show signs that support his draft status and vindicate the FO? Can we actually play 4 quarters of football (contiguously)? Will we throw up an 0-16 and break OldSchool’s heart in the process? This and much more Thursday night at 7:00 PM Wauchula time!