We are not happy with this loss (EXPLICIT)

One guest is sometimes enough. Especially when the guest is Steve White, former DE for the Bucs and brutally honest analyst. You may not like his takes but you are welcome to break out the tape and debate them. Tonight started out innocently enough talking about the amazing tailgate and lamenting the fact that our franchise has been relegated to the level of the Browns and the factory of sadness.

And then we got emotional. This offensive line is terrible. There are some fundamental things that are not being done on defense that have got to be changed. Steve pulled no punches. By the time that segment was done, Feesh from BucsBrief.com called in and we got carried away on a whole different rant.

Anyway, I hope you like it. This month is movember. Please join our team, raise funds or simply donate. We ave lost too many of our brother’s, dad’s and friends to this disease.  http://moteam.co/what-the-buc-really-matters-foundation-inc