What the Pewter Post Browns Loss

Well, it was that time again and for this month’s installment, we had Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970 on Twitter) come over to the home studio in Valrico so that we could all pay attention to the topics instead of the beautiful Winghouse girls. We had a lot of news to cover from QB changes to poor performances and even managed to stray pretty far afield at the end.

It was fun for us and we hope it is fun for you.

Skulls and Swords from last week:

Mark (Sword): Banks (Skull): Verner

OldSchool (Sword): Evans  (Skull): Glennon


Predictive MVPS

Mark (Offensive): McCown  (Defensive): Verner (Bounceback week)

OldSchool (Offensive): McCown  (Defensive): McCoy