Falcons can’t and Giants Next

What a difference a week makes, right? Well, not really. The Bucs are playing intermittently passable football these days. That means when they face a less than average team they will look good and when they face a solid team they will be competitive. This week the defense benefited from Atlanta’s propensity to give the ball away (great coaching over there…wait, the coach doesn’t play…oh wait, that doesn’t matter) and gave the growing offense the chances it needed to build a lead that the Falcons could storm back from. We then had to endure overtime and watch two chances to end it fall away before praying our defense could get the job done.

We were joined this week by Nick Houliss of BucStop who gave us perspective on the team and on the coach that you should check out (as well as his site). Follow him @BucStopCom on Twitter


Sword from the Falcons Game: Kwon Alexander

Skull from the Falcons Game: Lavonte David who is getting a pass for subpar play for some reason

Predictions for the Giants:

I predict ANOTHER WIN! Score is 31-17 with a late score by the Bucs making it look worse than the game will be. Looking for clock control and opportunistic play action shots.

Predictive MVPs:

Offense: Doug Martin (SIGN THIS MAN!)

Defense: Alterraun Verner (Surprise!)