The Egg Laid at FedEx

Joined by the Ginger Badass, Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970 on Twitter) we take a walk down the memory lane of what could have been a beautiful road trip culminating in a curb stomping of the Redskins that turned into a collapse of epic proportions. I am not in the camp that many of you are and that is OK. Feel free to hate me. I was there. I witnessed this cluster first hand and dealt with the Redskins fans who started drinking away the pain early and ended up being drunk winners.

Skull: Lovie – Like it or not, it is on you to stop this shit from happening. Not yelling about firing you but you gotta open your eyes and stop doing the same shit and expecting different results.

Sword: Jameis – Best game as a pro and a reason for us all to be excited.

I am predicting the team will use this game as a rallying cry and win in the ATL. 31-17. Predictive MVP’s will by Jameis with a second outstanding game and more control over the team as a leader because, well, he can and nobody else is stepping up. On defense, I am running out of answers. It needs to be Gerald but I do not think it will be. Maybe the only guy who has shown spark in the defensive backfield can do it again and Chris Conte can bring some excitement back.

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