State of the Bucs after Curb Stomping (EXPLICITER)

Fellow Bucs Fans, (And yes, I know EXPLICITER is not a word)

Step away from the ledge. Steve White joins me and we discuss one of the well known challenges around the defensive turn around that needs to happen here in Tampa and how that can make a good team look horrible and an injured team look even horribler (yes, I know that is now a word.) We cover the defense in depth and I think you, like myself, will see a lot of truth in what is said (That said, I may be biased as I did some of the talking).

1. The game DID NOT pass Lovie Smith

2. The TAMPA-2 is not dead (and we have not run much of it so stop it)

3. The Special Teams have been abyssmal

4. The team on defense has been in good position oftentimes and simply not made teh plays or has freelanced causing huge breakdowns.

5. Safety play has been very suspect.

6. Injuries always hurt

7. Better or not, it is Glennon time and we ride with him!

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