Steelers win, credit where credit is due with Steve and Mark

Big show this week folks. We had Steve White (@sgw94) call in to discuss the big improvement needed to continue the forward progress of the defense (Hint, his name is Dane Fletcher) and we also had Mark Cook (@MarkCook1970 or @PewterReport) on the line talking about the offensive line. To add to that we had a few chalkboard sessions that you will find TOTALLY useless in audio only so I will attach the image used and remind you that if you want to see the video segment I was bitching about toward the end of the show, subscribe to NFL Game Rewind, watch the Coaches film with 6:19 left in the first quarter. The behind QB view will make this obvious.

  • Skull from Steelers: Koenen (REALLY?)
  • Sword from Steelers: Glennon (Yes, really)

Predictive MVPs for the Saints Game:

Mark Cook

  • Offensive: ASJ
  • Defensive: McCoy


  • Offensive: Murphy
  • Defensive: David (I see Picks)

Mark sees a Bucs loss, 34-21 whereas I see another win, 24-21 and some momentum building!



This image is from Matt Bowen’s excellent work at and If you are not following Matt on Twitter, do that now.