Two in a Row? Yep.

As much as it may surprise some (including me), this team seems to be rallying. Everyone has an opinion and mine was that this staff had enough time, made enough mistakes and pissed enough success down their collective legs. Now, with back to back wins, the media tide has turned and the storied of yore have been modified (Reimagined? Finally made accurate? Hell, we may never know.). This is a staff of incredible foresight (and foreskin given what they risked with the moves, actions and lack of action) that is now leading a group of unified players.

Believe any of that or not. The actuality if that the game against the Falcons was as complete a game as I have seen a Bucs team play in a long, long time. My own bias or opinion aside, the play calling, while extremely aggressive, was successful and left me without a particular bitch. The players worked their asses off.

Now we need to see them do it again. Nice work guys!

Sword: Bobby Rainey   Skull – Ted Larsen