WE WON! Not all rainbows and unicorns but a win

Some people got annoyed when we dissected the win this weekend. Tough shit. We did plenty wrong and almost choked the same way we have all year. While many in the MSM are backpedaling out of fear that there will be no regime change, we continue to call it like we see it. There is improvement and the team is playing hard. Should that grant a stay of execution for the Council of 26 that run this team? Not in my mind but nobody has asked me.

This week we dissect some of the plays and talk highs and lows. I will add the screenshots here for your review. If you are listening on a podcast, you need to read this article or watch the video. Sorry.


End Zone Discussion

We have talked about this one for YEARS. Fade and slant. Coverage dictates. We didn’t make a bad decision as Grimes was in inside position against a taller WR in Jackson (bad throw) but I think the BETTER call was bottom side. Regardless of the alignment (Outside) we force another fade which is useless.

1. Red Zone Discussion Side








1. Red Zone End Zone View







Locking in on 9’s and ignoring Slants and In’s

2. And other In's forcing 9's








2. Because we like to lock in on our X and ignore open In's







3. Guru Complex – 3rd Down

We waggle left (Rt Handed QB with limited mobility) and run a 2 Level route with little separation. Meanwhile, we are running the ball effectively and instead pass, run out of bounds, stop the clock AND lose 5 yards. ALL OF THIS ON 3rd and 1!!!


3. Guru - 3rd and 1 Dumb Waggle 2 Level Read LEFT







3. End Zone on dumb guru 3rd down waggle