Um, so about that Week 1 Victory…

So much for the best laid plans. Our defense was on the forever and our offense looked like the Bad News Bears. All in all, the first half almost drove me to drink. Had I been hydrated enough to drink without cramping up I would have been plastered before the mini comeback which I would have been sad about the next day.

That said, as poorly as we played early, we still had a shot at this game late in the game and managed to piss it away. There are no trophies for second place (well, actually there are now but that makes my story less compelling). There shouldn’t be trophies for second place and this team was supposed to go out there and focus on:

  1. Win your home games
  2. Win your divisional games

Oops. Now we have to pick up the pieces, rebuild some confidence and win back some excitement. Otherwise come week 6 the secondary market for Bucs tickets will look flat out bleak.

Skull – Josh McCown – Not as bad as many would have you believe but his two picks that led to points are unacceptable

Sword – Solomon Patton. Glad they were able to un-screw that mistake.