Step away from the ledge and have a drink with WTB and Pewter Report

Yes. I watched every minute of the game last night.

Yes. I will watch them again in All 22 format.

Yes. It was ugly in almost every sense of the word.

Tonight at Keel and Curly, we will break down the debacle with the experts form Pewter Report during our What the Pewter Report live podcast. Many of you regulars to WTB? Will be expecting me to go off on an expletive laced rant about various things. As this is a live event, that is not going to happen. Despite the presence of great craft beers from Two Henrys (not to mention the Keel and Curly selection of Blueberry wine), I will be on my best behavior. I will lean on the experts from Pewter Report to give us some answers. Some of the questions we will go into:

  1. Are we actually this bad or was this an aberration?
  2. With a performance that thoroughly bad, how can you not look at the coaching as a possible cause? Players looked flat out unprepared.
  3. Does the defense go from decent to crap with the loss of GMac and Mason Foster?
  4. Is it time to give Mike Glennon the ball?
  5. Turnovers are important huh? Discipline is important? Saw none of that.

Now we all know that fans in general are amazingly shortsighted and change is always the first request, but Lovie has gone from owning this town to being called into question and put on alert by the fans ALREADY! We will discuss this and see if there is validity to the claims.

Most importantly, we will gather with fellow Bucs fans in the essence of true fandom. We will critically and intelligently assess the highs (if we can find any) and the lows (in priority order). The show kicks off at 8:00 PM so get out there and let’s commiserate.