Steelers Preview Show – Should be interesting – 10 PM Start

Well krew, we have a game this week. Regardless of the TJack situation, we get to face a team that really is pretty damn talented. They come in 2-0 and have done so with no real QB play. They carry a defense that would rather leave you battered and bleeding then hit the Crazy Buffet and could bring a hint of legitimacy to our upstart Bucs with a victory on Sunday.

Wait a minute. That is not true. Once again, we are in a no win situation. If we are defeated by the Steelers, this will be the proof everyone wants that we are a joke. A team that has benefited by a weak schedule and been handed to victories by bad (albeit better than us) squads. If we lose, then we are the joke everyone thought we were.

Screw that. As I have said, you can only beat the team on the field in front of you. This week, the task is to go do that. Screw them not having a QB. Hit the one they got. Screw us not having our stud safety. Start the ones we got. Screw not being able to sell out Ray Jay. Entertain the fans you’ve got!

Tonight we will talk about the Steelers, TJack, the league in general, the current pissing contest with Mr. Duemig on Facebook and I am sure be entertained by the lovely Sugar and Yolanda as we finish our road trip in Arizona. Show time is 10:00 PM Eastern so put the kids to bed, grab a drink and let’s talk about Bucs football with other folks who actually give a shit!


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