The streak continues! (Hint: Davin and K2!)

Davin Joseph
Davin Joseph

The football gods continue to smile on us here at What the Buc? While most people are lamenting the lock out and trying to make you believe that baseball is interesting before the All Star break (sorry), we are on a TEAR of 9 consectutive weeks with a Buccaneer as a gues on the show (and we are booked for 10)!

Now normally that would be miraculous, but in this particular offseason where the our players (like all others) can legitimately be wondering where their next paycheck will be coming from, it is encouraging to see them reaching out and being receptive to speak with their fans.

This week we have  long time “Friend of the Program,” Davin Joseph joining us. As with all of our guests, expect Davin to call in around 9:15. If you have questions you would like to ask Davin, get them in early to questions AT Whatthebuc DOT net. (If you cannot figure out what that means, you should not be asking questions anyway…Sorry Spent!).

Davin, as you know, has been an anchor for our offensive line since being drafted and is an all around nice guy assuming you are not on the defense he is playing against. Known for his quiet demeanor and nasty (while normally legal) play, Davin will certainly be asked about the offensive line consistency, the fear/opportunities of free agency and his thoughts about the upcoming year and trying to meet or exceed the bar set by this young team.


Next week we have another man that really needs no introduction. Despite detractors, Kellen Winslow Jr (K2) has continued to impress and perform. With an offseason that has reportedly been very good for his oft injured knees, Bucs fans who have allowed themselves to ponder football have got to wonder what this man can do if he truly does feel healthy. He seems to have no issue producing even when injured!

Not know for being shy, get your questions in early for next week’s show with K2 as well. We will be focusing on the young offense and what role Kellen has in assisting with the development of this young squad.

Show times are 9:00 PM Eastern on Thursday nights. Rumor has it, the best way to experience the show is live (alright, I started that rumor. Sue me!). Joining is easy! Simply come over to the Listen Live page and jump into the fray.


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