Top 5, Bottom 5. Week 2 edition

“It’s a humbling league and we got humbled today.” That was what HC Dirk Koetter said following the Buccaneers 40-7 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. I knew it was gonna be tough to go on the road again and play a good football team but I thought Tampa would put up more of a fight than that. As I always say, every win has a negative, every loss has a positive. Now I’m gonna admit it was tough trying to find 5 players worthy of the title of being “impressive”. Let’s see what I can do

TOP 5:

  1. Mike Evans: Buccaneers WR Mike Evans had a good game in Atlanta last week and he had a decent week this time out. Evans was being followed by Patrick Peterson the whole game and still managed to rack up 70 yards on 6 catches including a TD from QB Jameis Winston. Hopefully Evans can keep his TD streak alive in the next coming weeks.
  2. Adam Humphries: Another Bucs wide receiver made the list. Adam Humphries had a decent day for himself. He was able to get a career high 67 yards on 6 catches. He also had a decent punt return during the game. Too bad another Tampa Bay wide receiver couldn’t produce, but we will talk about him later. But as for Humphries… Keep doing the humpty hump!
  3. Jacquizz Rodgers: Newly added running back Jacquizz Rodgers impressed me in his debut in a Bucs uniform. The former Atlanta Falcon and Chicago Bear only had 2 carries but was able to get 29 yards on those carries. Let’s hope to see more of this next week.
  4. Alterraun Verner: Buccaners cornerback Alterraun Verner showed up to play on Sunday. Too bad he was one of the few Bucs to do so. The veteran corner had a couple of nice pass breakups. Verner is getting his chance and making the most of it.
  5. I tried, I really did. I could not think of a player that was worthy of this title. Sorry guys.


  1. Vincent Jackson: One of the oldest players on the team, WR Vincent Jackson has been declining the past couple of years but this performance was BAD. Last week he ran the wrong route which resulted in a INT. This week he dropped a ball he should’ve caught. But the biggest thing is when he didn’t even turn around and look for the ball. Which of course resulted in another INT. Not sure what’s going on with Jackson but it better get fixed or Jackson won’t be “in action” much longer.
  2. Jameis Winston: Ugh I hate having to put Winston on this list but he deserves it. Jameis had a career high 5 turnovers in the game. 5! Now, not all were his fault like I said earlier Jackson needs to turn around, Evans needs to make a play on the ball. But even when Jameis Winston wasn’t throwing interceptions he wasn’t that sharp. Winston missed on a good number of his throws and made some bad decisions. Jameis will be fine but let’s not call him the MVP yet.
  3. Bucs D line: The Tampa Buccaners biggest need this offseason was pass rush. They realized that and went out and got Robert Ayers from the Giants and drafted Noah Spence out of Eastern Kentucky. This unit was supposed to he improved. SO WHERE WAS IT ON SUNDAY? Carson Palmer had all day to throw and look for anyone he wanted to. Now the loss of Jac smith does hurt the Bucs but the fact you got 0 pressure on Palmer until Noah Spence was able to get his first career sack (which was one of the biggest positives in the game) but other than that nothing to get excited about.
  4. Chris Conte: I actually thought Chris Conte played well until the last drive before the end of the 1st half. He allowed a big play that resulted in a TD. That was a killer. A big one. And one Conte should not have given up.
  5. Brent Grimes: Offseason addition Brent grimes didn’t play good in Atlanta but he didn’t play bad either. This week he was bad. He allowed a TD and multiple receptions and dropped a pick on a poor Palmer throw. Something has to change.

There it is. Not much to say honestly the Bucs played badly against a good team. It’s gonna happen. What’s important for Tampa is to forget about this one. Get ready to beat LA. C’mon we ain’t no puppies we some dogs. Let’s see if we can prove it this week.

Evan Wanish

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