WTB? Personality and Superfan, Captain Bones Needs Your Help!

Doin their thing at the Kickoff party!
Doin their thing at the Kickoff party!

Folks, Captain Bones is a stud. He is our Director of Promotions, and with his friend and partner in crime, BucNutz, they are some of the most visible and recognizable fans in the Tampa Bay area. These guys BLEED Red and Pewter (Well I guess we all bleed red, but that is not the point).

At the kickoff party, whilst Bones and BucNutz were mingling with other fans and the mass of players that were in attendance, their photo was shot and now it is in a context on TBO.COM. Please show your support for them by getting over there and bumping up their rating. I have watched these guys take pictures for hours with fans and look for new and creative ways to interact with the team to show their support. Supporting them in this seems a small request.

On other notes, Captain Bones is working on a special guest again for our show. Once we know more, we will  not say anything, because every time we do we jinx the whole damn thing. I know that I would LOVE to talk to Stylez G. to find out what is going on on the defensive line. Come to think of it, speaking with Chris Hovan again would not be bad either. Many of you saw that the Bucs added another DE to the roster. Gaines better figure out how to find the QB soon or his ass will be down the rotation, big money or not.


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