Pre Draft show with Brian Dorry

I must love you guys! Our server is having problems and as part of the last changes to repair it before we migrate to a new box (yea, I said box), the settings for maximum file size were reduced. Now my web pimp is rightfully spending time with his beloved bride tonight as it is …Read More

Eagles vs Bucs Preview

This week the Bucs, fresh and rested after our bye week, get a chance to try and right the ship as the 2-3 Eagles march into RayJay. Chip Kelly has his offense running around and accumulating points like crazy but somehow they are not undefeated despite his revolutionizing the game. The Bucs will have to …Read More

We got Revis, Let’s Talk about Impact

Well, we met, we drank and we celebrated but all the while, we stayed grounded as we talked about the New World Order where the Bucs defense was feared again and our offense was able to run up scores on people as if they were the Raiders.  Great participation by Steve White (@sgw94) and all …Read More

Live broadcast and game chat from Winghouse (informal)

We cannot help ourselves. Despite a hellish week we will have an informal gathering at the Winghouse on Highway 301 across from the Fairgrounds. It will be very laid back and be mostly you guys getting to virtually hang with a small crew (you can join us if you are local) while watching the ‘talent’ (Not us …Read More